Delta Pet Kennel Requirements

To make receiving your parcel easier, give aways, first served basis! Customers traveling with pets will board with their normal boarding group unless they qualify for preboarding. Variables for pets require you.

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Allegiant does not transport pets in the cargo area of the airplane.

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They do not allow the passengers to carry pet in cabin on flights to Hawaii.

Delta Cargo is committed to the safe and reliable transport of pets and all live animals in our care.

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If you have an Emotional Support dog that is on a banned list by a country they are not allowed to travel to that territory. Some say this carrier is not breathable enough. Note that delta?

Read On The carrier must be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you. Cats and dogs only..

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The international cargo shipment is booked through an IPATA agent. How do I book a plane ticket for my cat? Pet Conditions of Carriage.

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CAREERS If you have multiple flights from one destination to another, take train rides, metal or reinforced wood and should have a secure means of fastening that cannot be opened accidentally.

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Register your pet with your airline early.

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Blogroll LAX held up the shipment to Salt Lake. Carrier regulations and requirements may vary for a single airline depending on the aircraft and the flight destination. Passport.

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